A Difference of Networks.


The key difference between a public and private network is how many active users are on it and their method of accessibility. Having insight to knowing either type of network can be helpful in deciding what activity should be performed on the device.

It is important to be able to verify the security of the network. Public places such as coffeeshops and airports can cause security risks if you are not able to identify the type of network.

The truth about public networks 😲

A public network is an unrestricted network that's accessible to the general public. It can be either wireless or wired where computers and devices you don't trust are also connected to. A public network does not require authentication or payment. Because anyone can access the network, it comes with certain security risks. The data over this type of network is an open connection and unencrypted, which makes it a target for hackers.


So what are private networks 🤔

A private network is any connection within a specified network wherein restrictions are established to promote a secured environment. This type of network can be configured in such a way that devices outside the network cannot access it. Only a selected set of devices can access this type of network depending on the settings encoded in the network routers and access points.

Private networks are most preferred in businesses and private organizations because they provide high security for vital information.


Check Network Details 👇