How to Safely Use a Public Network.


When you venture into a public setting, Wi-Fi is more accessible than ever. With public Wi-Fi being less secure than your personal, ideally it would be smart to avoid connecting to. However, there are times you must use public Wi-Fi adhering to the potential risk.

You do not have to avoid using public Wi-Fi altogether. Whenever possible connect to familiar networks and verify the password with staff. Also, ensure that any website you log on to has HTTPS instead of HTTP.

HTTP is not encrypted and is not a safe connection. For extra security, use a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) to encrypt your data moving to or from the devices. The VPN will connect you to a private server for a low cost and protect your information.


Recommended Solutions 🔍

The most effective way to stay secure on public Wi-Fi is to install a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) on your devices essentially making it harder for hackers see your data. Also, limit AirDrop and file sharing on your computer or phone. This disables anyone nearby to have the ability to grab your files.


VPN resources for your device 👇